Living Veterans

Posted in FSEM100RR on August 30th, 2007 by kokoro

On Veteran’s Day in 2005, our dear Vice-President said, “approximately 25 million of our citizens once carried the title of Marine, soldier, airman, sailor, Coast Guardsman, National Guardsman, Merchant Mariner and now carry the title of veteran.”

According the 2004 census, the number of U.S. veterans was 24.5 million. 9.5 million vets were 65 or older. 33% of all veterans served in Vietnam while 16% served in WWII.


Posted in FSEM100RR on August 28th, 2007 by kokoro

Let’s start with an introduction, yes? I’m from Fredericksburg, VA, attending UMW as a commuting student. My pastimes are pretty traditional, consisting of reading, watching movies and television, listening to music, eating and sleeping (my favorites!), and now that the summer break is over, doing homework. I enjoy nearly all genres of music, and I have a passion for classic movies.

The reason I’m taking the FSEM: When Americans Came Marching Home is because I’ve always found history to be an appealing subject, especially wartime history. The American Civil War is of great interest to me, as well as World War I, but I find the 30s, 40s, and 50s eras the most compelling. With this class, I hope to have fun and learn a lot about some of these periods in history.